Car rental in Andros

Car rental in Andros is our specialty and at Drive+Ride we provide quality and affordable vehicles. We always strive to maintain the best facilities and upgrade our vehicles with new and better models. Our cars are ideal for your holidays and for getting around the island. We are committed to providing you with prompt service and responding to your needs and requests.

Our goal and vision are also to satisfy even the most demanding customer. But our real passion is to facilitate the exploration of the beautiful island of Andros through our vehicles. All vehicles at Drive+Ride are constantly checked and cleaned after each rental. Rent a car in Andros and discover fantastic beaches, picturesque places, and traditional villages. Car rental in Andros has a name, Drive+Ride.

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Affordable cars in Andros

If you are looking for affordable cars in Andros, in excellent condition that will meet your requirements, then at Drive+Ride you will find what you are looking for. Our fleet of vehicles has a wide variety for every need and taste. We have comfortable cars for an easy and relaxing journey. Car rental in Andros is very important, so you can tour all parts of the island. During your visit to the noble island of the Cyclades, you will notice that the central points of the island, Chora - Gavrio - Batsi - Korthi, are spaced apart. With a vehicle, however, these distances are annihilated. Each of these spots is definitely worth a visit and in Drive + Ride, the best car rental in Andros, this will be possible.

Drive+Ride, responding to the need for affordable cars in Andros, is here to facilitate your vacations. By renting a vehicle, you will be able to experience the wonderful picturesque villages of Andros, as well as the fantastic beaches. Moreover, you will be completely independent and autonomous. Therefore you will not have to limit your schedule based on the bus timetables. Also, we are constantly striving to get better, personalize our services and meet your requirements. You can contact us in the Contact Us section and find out about anything that may concern you. Finally, don't hesitate to ask us about the best places in Andros that you can visit by car.

Car rental in Andros has finally a name and at Drive+Ride we strive to live up to it.