Opel Corsa

From 40€


Economical cars in Andros, such as the Opel Corsa, with safety, immediacy, and quality service, only at Drive+Ride. The well-known Opel Corsa, which offers a comfortable and safe drive, is available at Drive+Ride in 1200cc. It has the ability to travel the entire Andros with ease, making driving a game. The car is petrol powered and the gearbox is Manual but smooth and easy to change gears.

The Opel Corsa at Drive+Ride in Andros is available in grey and in excellent condition. It is a car ideal for families, groups, and couples and for any occasion. A CD Player and Bluetooth are also included, as well as Air Conditioning for comfortable rides, with wonderful coolness. Finally, it is a five-door and can easily seat up to 5 people.

Technical Specifications

Equipment & Features

  • ABS
  • Air Condition
  • CD Player
  • Bluetooth
  • up to 4 passengers
  • in grey color